Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to learn more about Under Solen. I'm Emily Nuchols. In 2009, I launched Under Solen because I wanted to bring my skills, connections and expertise to the people, organizations and companies working to save the world — or at least making a red-hot go of it. 


Born, raised and built from the ground up in Portland, Oregon, Under Solen has been — and always will be — a community effort. After spending my career working in everything from small rural community groups, broad national and international coalitions, and companies of one to 1,000, I can tell you that no one accomplishes anything alone. We’re in this together. And I, for one, am grateful for that. 


The work we do here is our offering. It's our effort to tip the scales. We want to win. Because when our teams win, we save the world — or at least a part of it. And I thoroughly believe that celebrating every win, big and small, is transformative and exactly what we all need — now more than ever.


Thank you for visiting, for reading, and for what you bring into this wild world.

Onward we go — together,

Emily Nuchols, founder and CEO, Under Solen Media

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Under Solen

Under Solen means "under the sun" in Swedish. My grandmother is a very proud Swede and our name is a nod to her and to the generations of women who worked so hard before me who blazed this trail that we're currently on. It's also a commitment to those who are coming up behind us — that we will keep showing up, burning bright and lighting up the path ahead. Always Under Solen.