Emily Nuchols, Owner + Founder​

Hello, I'm Emily. I launched Under Solen more than 10 years ago because I saw an opportunity to strengthen and amplify the points of connection between brand, cause, and storytelling. Since then, we've cultivated a thriving team and community that is carving a powerful niche in the confluence between business and cause to create some serious impact. I have also been known to throw one hell of a party and I wholeheartedly believe that celebration is at the core of great work — and that we can save the world one party at a time. 


I am continually humbled, honored, and deeply grateful to work with the incredible people that I do. In fact, I couldn't do any of this without them.

Below are a handful of my favorite collaborators and co-conspirators. 


Dana Ladzinski,

Strategic Partnerships

Dana creates connections, sparks creativity, and delivers results. She can think big, problem solve, and inspire everyone she works with to step up and deliver. Dana brings an unbeatable positivity and energy to every project she steps into and she's never met a problem she couldn't solve. Highly resourceful and adaptive, Dana is equally as comfortable managing accounts, production, and projects—most often simultaneously—as she is pitching new projects and works, or running events. A true extrovert who thrives on meeting and connecting good people, to witness Dana in her element is nothing short of awe-inspiring. 


Liz Rovira, Public Relations

Liz delivers great work—every time. Passionate, strategic and dropping in with the perfect amount of humor and wit just when you need it, Liz is an integral and irreplaceable part of our team and brings a distinct presence to our work. She was born and raised in Colorado and currently resides in Aspen, as close to the mountains as she can get. A true media maven, Liz heads up Under Solen's PR work with OARS. She says she loves the work because OARS shares her same ethos and passion of adventure, conservation, family and educating the next generation. In her spare time you can find Liz skiing, surfing, cooking, rafting, mountain biking, fly fishing... the list goes on. She's happiest outdoors and surrounding herself with the people she loves. 


Sami Soffer, Writer + Editor

Sami has been creating stories since she was a small child growing up in the wooded backyard of her Pacific Northwest home, and has been our go-to copywriter and editor at Under Solen since 2011. She has experience telling a story from any angle, at any word count imaginable, but her skills don't stop at the pen or keyboard; Sami has stepped in countless times as account manager and strategic advisor to move projects forward. Always fascinated by the natural world and the human body, Sami is now also a BSN-prepared nurse, and enjoys the opportunity this allows her to work part-time in the hospital, and part-time in the office. When she's not at work, she can be found either nesting at home with her daughter or out running muddy trails in the Columbia River Gorge.  


Dream Team. I love these people so much my heart might explode out of my chest. Drew Ludwig, Justin Clifton and Krystle Wright bring all the goods. 

Drew Ludwig

Drew is always right and he's always honest. Sometimes it hurts, and it always makes me up my game. He is my first call to punch holes in ideas, an advisor, mentor, and great friend. In addition to being a kick-ass mountain goat and guide, Drew is an incredible artist and co-conspirator, who builds amazing things/homes/businesses/communities, and knows the Colorado Plateau better than pretty much anyone out there. I get to run around and cause trouble with him sometimes and he is the creative genius behind so many things that are changing the world for the better.  

Justin Clifton

Justin has been a steadfast and unshakeable friend and collaborator from the beginning. I can't remember

a time without this guy around and I never want to. He's one of the most talented and soulful filmmakers out there and has dedicated his career to telling the story of people and place, with emphasis close to home in the American Southwest. Justin’s films are a stunning ode to the raw natural beauty of this landscape and of those leaders in the environmental and social justice battles being waged across the region who will ultimately have a hand in shaping its future. Hire him. You'll thank me later.

Krystle Wright

To say Krystle is a force is an understatement. Knowing and working with Krystle is like being in the midst of a hurricane of Australian awesomeness. We met years ago working on a project in Mongolia. I knew it then, and I know it now: she is changing the game in adventure photography. Her curiosity, creativity, and courage have made her one of the most sought-after adventure photographers on the planet and she is the ultimate champion out there lifting up other women in the adventure community and beyond. Everything she does and produces is infused with that unmistakeable Krystle Wright spirit. Hire her. You'll thank me later.


Rob Elam

We wouldn't be here without this guy. Rob has been our fearless business advisor since the beginning. His work is focused on projects that embody ideals of sustainability, high quality of life, and healthy communities. He's a believer in and advocate for wilderness, and a steelhead flyfisher. He's also one of the most brilliant humans I know and the work he does is driving serious impact.

Check him out here.