We are an independent
creative company
with a cause.

We connect and create community to drive

positive, lasting change.


The Under Solen team works in the confluence of cause, brand and storytelling, and we specialize in connecting talent and influence with purpose. For nearly a decade, we have worked side-by-side with changemakers and leaders to galvanize communities around our world’s most pressing challenges.


- Strategic Partnerships 

- Impact Campaign Development + Management

- Public Relations
- Content Creation

- Copywriting + Editing
- Communications Strategy
- Event Production + Activations

- Photo + Video Production

- Tailored Consulting, Workshops and Speaking Engagements


We're nimble, dynamic and small by design.


At Under Solen, we do things differently. We build our team for the work.

We don’t expect a static team to deliver for every project we take on, so we develop a fresh, dedicated team of experts for each new project and do so in

a way that makes our work more effective — and guarantees that we continue to punch far above our weight.​

We are humbled and honored to have worked with some of the following teams.


"Working with Emily, you get the whole package—media savvy, huge creativity, knowledge of the conservation issues we're working on, and the ability to create powerful synergies and connections among partners. But even more than that, you get Emily's unique energy and passion, which is infectious and inspires and challenges the entire team. Brainstorming new ideas and campaigns with Emily, then setting them into action reminds me why I love my job and delivers results (whether we are counting media stories, web hits, actions, etc) to my organization. This lady gets the job done, and so much more."

— Amy Kober

Senior Communications Director

 American Rivers

"Emily's talent for taking a wild idea, shaping it into a strategy, and then executing that strategy, is the stuff of legend. With Under Solen, she has created a formula for scaling those talents to help purpose-driven organizations amplify their impact. Over the course of many projects, Under Solen has helped NRS unite our marketing with our values to engage our customers,

define our brand and

protect the places we love."

— Mark Deming

Marketing Director


“Emily and her team bring an unmatched level of passion and professionalism to

everything they do. They’ve become a natural extension of our small team and

redefined public relations for OARS. From earned media placements to films and meaningful events, Under Solen helps us reach the right audience with stories

that matter to people, the environment, and our company.”

— Steve Markle, VP of sales and marketing, OARS

”Under Solen is legend. Working with their team raised the profile of my film beyond what I could have done alone or with any traditional film distribution. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their projects to a higher level. Their execution, creativity, and connections make anything they touch stellar.” 


Chris Burkard explorer, photographer, creative director, speaker, and author

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