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I’m Emily Nuchols. I like to use words, art and connections to move people. With Under Solen, I’ve built a community and business around the unshakeable belief that communication is the linchpin to our common humanity. 


So, what does that mean? 

Our world is more connected than ever — but we are not. I do not believe that we can save the world from a fractured place, but I wholeheartedly believe we can root down in our shared humanity and get to know one another. Learning how to communicate with each other is the first step in building connection, which forges true understanding — and that’s when we start to see our fragmented world stitch itself back together in real time. I’m talking about real, deep and genuine human connection. I’m talking about the kind of connection to lands, waters and wildlife that makes your heart beat faster and fuller. I’m talking about connecting to the right person and the right story at precisely the right time to tip us toward a more just, resilient and abundant tomorrow. The words we use, the stories we tell and the visuals that make us stop and think, feel and act are all just as important as who we're talking — and listening — to. 


Pie in the sky? Hell no. Wildly optimistic? You bet it is. 

This is precisely why the work we do doesn’t fit perfectly into a box or list of services. We do things differently. We’re nimble, dynamic and small by design. We're born collaborators and we tailor every project and every conversation to the person, cause and campaign at hand. If you work with Under Solen, you work with me, Emily, the founder and CEO –– and an intentionally curated team of experts –– to drive the deepest possible meaning and impact, from strategy, to copy, and everything in between.


Born, raised and built from the ground up in Portland, Oregon, Under Solen has been — and always will be — a community effort. We’re in this together, friends. Thank you for visiting, for reading and for what you bring into this wild world.


Saving the world is a comms game. Let’s get to work.

We build the team for the work.

Here are a few of my favorite folks to work with these days. 


Sami Soffer

Sami has been creating stories since she was a small child growing up in the wooded backyard of her Pacific Northwest home. She has experience telling a story from any angle, at any word count imaginable, but her skills don't stop at the pen or keyboard; Sami has stepped in countless times as account manager and strategic advisor to move projects forward. 


Bridgette Harris

Bridgette keeps the wheels on the bus and the gears in motion. She is relentlessly organized and has a flair for knowing exactly what each project needs — exactly when it needs it. Whether it's digging into research, jumping in with creative problem solving or wielding her signature follow-through, Bridgette makes sure the team delivers the best work and has the most fun

while we're at it.

We love, love, love working with these folks too...

And we love connecting good humans working on good work. Get in touch and we'll help you find who you're looking for. 


Under Solen

Under Solen means "under the sun" in Swedish.

My grandmother is a very proud Swede and our name is a nod to her and to the generations of women who worked so hard before me to blaze this trail that we're currently on. It's also a commitment to those who are coming up behind us — that we will keep showing up, burning bright and lighting the path ahead. Always Under Solen. 

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